Monday, July 2, 2018

How to Build a Latrine in 8 Not-so-simple Steps (in a remote Himalayan village):

Step 1: Survey 75 families to determine the need for latrines to improve health.

Step 2: Wallow in paperwork for a year in order to obtain government permission to build.

Step 3: Walk 6-8 hours from your mountain village to the nearest town to order materials and have them transported by pickup truck to your village.

Step 4: Educate your village on the need for sanitation and how to safely create and care for latrines.

Step 5: Dig a deep, deep hole. Avoid the monsoon season!

Step 6: Install simple but efficient pan and pipes to create a safe and functional system.

Step 7: Coordinate each family in supplying the products and labor to build their own unique structure out of stone, brick, or tin. 

Step 8: Celebrate the great teamwork of Ramprasad, Pinkey, Binod, Ram, the villagers, and our donors!

Latrines have been built and our pilot program is up and running in Nepal! The families in this remote Himalayan village were devastated by the 2015 earthquake. They are excitedly participating in the effort to improve village sanitation. Our Nepalese team will assess the function of the latrines for a few months before continuing to build more...stay tuned for further developments! This project will dramatically improve the health of the members of this community by preventing illness and the spread of disease. This has been a long journey, and we celebrate the efforts of our friends who have worked so hard to make this happen!

Ramprasad educates villagers on the need for sanitation.

​Stones are readily available in this mountainous region.

​Each family provides building products as they are able, giving each latrine a unique appearance.

​Simple yet efficient! In the absence of running water, a pot of water is kept handy to keep things clean and sanitized!

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