Friday, August 28, 2009

August 26

Margaret Chilolo, the chair of our Zambian Steering Committee, sent an email identifying some of the most pressing emerging needs for the community schools. We had anticipated the need for books, pencils, tablets, etc. (which she named) but she also identified another need that had never crossed our minds. Latrines! When you have 210 kids in school all day you need adequate facilities. Duh! This one will definitely need attention quickly.


My good friend Debbie Chibwe translated and tallied the second set of community surveys. This one was from Chupulukusu (near Ndola) Zambia. The survey questions and answers were in Bemba so I definitely needed help! The results were similar to those from Kasompe with huge needs identified and education again emerging as the top priority.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Kasompe School

Motivated by the findings from the survey, the Kasompe community in Zambia started a community school a couple of weeks ago. Many of the children who have enrolled have never been to school before. Some are 10-12 years old and will be starting at the beginning. I'll bet they had the same first-day jitters and excitement that all kids have on their first day of school! I'll have more details soon -- Rachael and Ashley (our survey conductors par excellence!) arrive home from Africa tomorrow.