Monday, February 26, 2018

Mom graduates

Beauty and Ireen

These two Kafwa health workers have every reason to be proud!  When we arrived in Kasompe, Zambia last month, they proudly announced they had passed the 7th grade Zambian standardized examination and were now official 7th grade graduates!  Beauty actually took the exam the same day her 7th grade daughter at our Kasompe school sat for the exam.  Not wanting to boast but obviously proud, Beauty confessed that she scored 130 points higher than her daughter.  

Both Beauty and Ireen say there are planning to immediately start studying for the 9th grade exam.  You go ladies!!

Friday, February 9, 2018

Sweetheart of a Deal!

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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Child Marriage in Nepal

Sangeeta Malla, HealthEd Connect volunteer and registered nurse, was the quintessential multitasker at a recent "health camp" in a small village in Southern Nepal. Not only did she assist villagers with medical issues such as high blood pressure, injuries, and diarrhea, but she also shared information with the village on the possible negative health consequences associated with child marriage. According to Human Rights Watch, 10% of Nepalese girls marry before age 15, despite the fact that child marriage is technically illegal in Nepal.  This traditional practice can lead to a variety of serious health consequence for young girls, including problematic pregnancies and depression. Sangeeta reports that once the health consequences of this practice were explained, the village was quite receptive to receiving information. Yet again proving that education is the key to positive social change!

Michelle Mahlik
BOD, HealthEd Connect