Friday, January 27, 2017

Wow! 9th Graders already!

Five of our GAP 9th graders met with us at Chipulukusu this week.  All 5 of the girls continue to come back to see their primary school teachers on a regular basis.  They said they sometimes have challenges with math and rely on the Chips teachers for tutoring.  Patience, on the left, became the spokesperson for the group and asked us to tell the donors how very much they appreciate the scholarships that have allowed them to go on to school.  We are in our third year of scholarships and have no dropouts so far!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Live Cargo!

This little charmer wanted to be sure he didn't get left behind!   While his mom was busy learning new information in the health worker training, he crawled into her suitcase to assure stowaway privileges!  Both he and his mom will be up before dawn tomorrow to catch the bus for the long ride home along with the other 24 attendees.  What a great group!  We ended the training this afternoon with a joyous celebration service and awarding of certificates.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Not the coconut wireless!

I was able to talk to our Luapula Kafwa supervisor, Jane Chibwe,  yesterday while she was in no man's land in the long journey to our training in Chipulukusu.  We were getting worried about Jane and the 10 Kafwa with her since they were long over due for arrival.  Thank God for cell phones!

 The convenience of cell phones is ubiqitous in Zambia. Virtually everyone has a simple inexpensive phone---many people carry two in order to take advantage of  competing cell services.  There are no phone contracts.  If you have a few kwacha to buy talk time and can find a way to charge your phone, you're in business.  

Friday, January 20, 2017

Happy Kafwa!

These happy smiles on the faces of the Kafwa are not because of personal gifts they are receiving but because they will now be able to provide a few items of desperately needed clothing for little girls in their community.  

These adorable little dresses were lovingly sewn by a group of volunteer seamstresses one of whom is an ardent HealthEd Connect supporter.  We were able to find room in our supply trunk to tuck in a few along with other essential supplies such as the antibiotic ointment referred to as liquid gold!!  

A huge thank you to the women responsible for these smiles --- and dresses!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2017


What a pleasure to honor our good friend Bernard Chalwe this week!  Bernard was our co-founder partner and first head master at the Chipulukusu Young Peace Maker School in Zambia and is now skillfully serving as the chairman of the school board.  He has given more than seven years of service that has changed the lives of countless orphans and vulnerable children---all as a volunteer.  It is with honor and great enthusiasm that we salute Bernard for his many years of compassionate and tireless service and the hundreds of miles he has walked to and from the school.

Lauren Hall presenting Bernard with a certificate of honor.

Monday, January 16, 2017

We Have a Dream

The mighty three travelers (Lauren, Jac and Sherri) have arrived on African soil at the Jo'burg airport and are now awaiting the flight to Ndola, Zambia.  So far we've been in transit 3 days due to our early departure to avoid the ice storm in Kansas City. 

How appropriate that we celebrate and honor Dr, Martin Luther King Day from a continent that identifies with his dream.  According to a WOW email received this morning, "The original and prepared speech did not contain the phrase, "I Have a Dream!" 11 mins into the speech gospel singer Mahalia Jackson -- sitting behind Dr. King -- shouted "Tell 'em about the 'dream,' Martin, tell 'em about the 'dream'!"  Dr. King recalled that he 'just decided' to go with it! In front of millions, he started RIFFING!"

HealthEd Connect is proud to join the many who have continued to pursue the dream Dr. King so eloquently presented.  Onward....

Friday, January 13, 2017

Traveling light!

We're packed and ready to take off tomorrow for Zambia and Malawi.  We're especially excited about the new opportunities we'll be exploring on this trip!  With two training sessions planned for 58 health workers it takes lots of supplies...not to mention the items we're taking to the schools.  It's a good thing Jac is a United lifetime Million Miler since one of the privileges is 3 free suitcases weighing up to 70 lbs per bag -- for each of us!

We were scheduled to leave Sunday but moved it up a day  in an attempt to avoid the predicted ice storm in Kansas City.  We'll find out in the morning if we were successful.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

We're honored!

HealthEd Connect has been awarded the 2016 Top-Rated award by GreatNonProfits!  We especially treasure this award because it's based on the reviews submitted by you, our faithful supporters.  We couldn't be more proud to have such glowing endorsements on our page.  

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Domestic problem that ends well

Chisi family at Malala Clinic
Mkekini Jere reporting about his recent visit to the Malala clinic in Malawi where the Sinkhani health workers monitor babies:

Chapasuka Chisi is a farmer and is also a drunker, he wake up early the morning to his dimba garden to water his vegetables, after he finished working in his garden he went to drink, while his wife went to the clinic with two children. The elder child received the treatment then the wife went back home to leave the elder child at home slept alone at veranda of the house and she came back to the clinic with youngest child for scale and vaccination. While the wife was still there at the clinic the husband Chapasuka return home drunk and found his elder child a sleep at the veranda, he looked around his home he found no one seen. Therefore he took his child on the shoulder and followed his wife to the clinic crying with high voice because of the sickness of the Child. Everyone at the clinic was amazed that what is happening. People made him stop crying, and he stopped later he asked his wife, why you left the sick child alone at home? The wife explain what was happen, but he didn't understand and he wanted to whip the wife instantly but people  stopped him, and told him to listen to his wife explanation that she had two children, so failed to manage keeping them all at the clinic, he later said I understand.