Thursday, November 19, 2009

Zambia here we come!

The kids in Zambia will never be the same! We met with an enthusiastic team of six Graceland SIFE students this week to make plans for our Winter Term trip to Zambia in January. The programs being planned include financial literacy (big term which just means counting the money and making sure there's more after selling an item than before the project started), paper bead-making (hoping to do a little income generating), sewing (grandmother project to make neckerchief 'school uniforms' for the kids), form a soccer club for the older kids and a Young Peacemaker Club for the younger ones. Plus some fun health teaching and classroom involvement.

Lots of planning to do between now and then. Knowing the pressures of college life, however, planning will most likely occur in the wee hours of the morning closer to the deadline!