Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Life saving baby scales!

Among the items delivered to the birthing centers were heavy duty baby-weighing scales.
Musans holding sign for one the the birthing centers.

Musans, one of our volunteers, accompanied the Wasaidizi health workers on the trip to deliver the equipment.  This is his story:

 A mute dumb, orphaned mother lives with her grandmother. She gave birth to a baby. However, food had become a problem. She had to squeeze her breasts and put the milk in a bottle to give to the baby while the mom should pick up the little fish in the brides.

The grandmother did not have knowledge of the impotence of breast milk, no one brought the child to the weight, the poor baby had become dehydrated ready to die. I asked Josephine [the Wasaidizi supervisor] to be able to observe this case to learn a lesson.

Jos├ęphine asked Saria kipili, our Kafwa, to take care of the baby immediately so that the child would be saved .... A few hours later, the child resumed his life. Josephine took this opportunity to teach the importance of breast milk and the importance of bringing children to the weigh-in. This will allow to know the curve of the evolution of the health of the baby.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

International Day of Girl Child

Sherri taking a selfie with GAP Girls at Kasompe, Zambia
We are proud to salute, protect, and empower the HealthEd Connect girls as we celebrate and elevate the International Day of The Girl Child.  

Their stories are heartbreaking, inspiring, joyous, and celebratory. We are committed to their futures as we mentor them away from early marriage and toward success on the road toward becoming strong, caring women.
You Go Girls!

Visionary Leaders

Sinkhani Board members in new HealthEd Connect shirts

The Sinkhani Board members in Malawi have been holding meetings, discussing strategy for the future, and working with the community to develop a long-range plan.  After recently receiving the gift of an old community center from the local chiefs, they are now planning renovations as well as community programs to be held in the facility.  Go Sinkhani!!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

New TBAs

Jane holding new baby delivered by Kafwa in Zambia

Jane Chibwe, Kafwa supervisor in Luapula, Zambia, proudly shares a picture of one of the first 4 babies the Kafwa delivered in her area.  In the 90s Zambia welcomed Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) and even collaborated to train them.  Then they decided all mothers had to go to hospitals for delivery and TBAs were no longer allowed.  Soon discovering that the maternal death rate was rising because mothers could not get to hospitals, they recently reversed their ruling.

Now Jane and her cohort of new Kafwa are working closely with government clinics to safely deliver babies.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Proud Graduate

A grateful thank you from Josie and Chito for the Nursing Scholarship their son received from HealthEd Connect--

Greetings from the Philippines!

Just been home from Maxell's graduation rites today. The atmosphere was tremendously joyful where both the parents and the graduates are in celebrations as they marched in receiving their diplomas. Josie and I were just among those very proud parents seeing their sons and daughters who have now attained their chosen professional careers. We must not forget though, that both of you are extremely part of our achievement as you were there on the right time when we were down and not afford to let our son seeking his last year of schooling. Had it not been your thoughtful friendship and generosity, Maxell would have not been one of those who graduated today. Because of this, we would like to let you know that from the bottom of our hearts, we will be forever grateful to both of you and to HealthEd.Connect.Thank you and thank God for this blessing.

Maxell has enrolled in a review center for a couple of months review prior to his taking of the National Board Examinations on November of this year. It is our prayers for his success.

Please find the attached photo (with all the smiles)

Peace and well being.