Monday, November 27, 2017



November 28, 2017
 HealthEd Connect recently received a donation to build a humble community health center in Malawi that the Sinkhani health workers dreamed and hoped for!
SInkhani tobacco shack
This is a picture of one location the volunteer Sinkhani health workers have been using to educate mothers on health issues like nutrition, sanitation, oral rehydration and to weigh and monitor their babies. It's a shed used to dry tobacco - not large enough for everyone and certainly not a suitable meeting place during the rainy season!
Last year, the Sinkhani weighed and monitored 18,285 at-risk babies.  It is estimated 47% of the children in Malawi are stunted due to malnutrition.

Now that we have received such a generous gift to build the community health center, we are thrilled that the Sinkhani health workers will have a suitable place to conduct their important health education. And now we can begin to focus our efforts on additional programs that will bring life to the health center and support to the community! The Sinkhani have already identified the top needs they wish to address to support the community: programs for orphans and vulnerable children.
We invite you to join us! Become a supporting member of the Sinkhani health worker team! You'll be helping bring ideas for child support and development to life!

Join us in raising $14,700 today for the Sinkhani programs. Donate at

Join HealthEd Connect as we expand opportunities to positively impact the lives of vulnerable children in Malawi!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

Thank you for making it possible for me to go to school and have a hot lunch everyday!!   Your help has made me happy and healthy.

My friends and I are wishing you a really happy Thanksgiving! 

                                                    A Happy Kid in Zambia


We Give Thanks

You are at the top of our Thanks List this year for making it possible for HealthEd Connect to impact so many lives!!! 

 Wishing you a Heartfelt and Happy Thanksgiving....

                                                                 The HealthEd Connect Team

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Simple Abundance

The term "abundance" usually refers to a wealth of material goods, but on our recent visit to Nepal we experienced an abundance of gracious hospitality and good will! We spent a day in the slum neighborhoods of Kathmandu where our volunteer community health workers serve. We were heartily welcomed into simple, hand-built homes made of bamboo, cardboard, and tarps, and were offered tea and conversation and even enjoyed a song. What an abundance of kindness! Our volunteers are exploring the possibilities for service to the people of these areas where clean water, nutrition, and illness are daily concerns. 

​The innovative villagers in this makeshift home have constructed a solar power solution to provide power.

​Mrs. Rai's heart is as big as her friendly smile!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Celebrating International Education week

Sherri doing selfie with GAP girls

The Girls Achievment Programs (GAP) are achieving their goal:  engaging 5th, 6th, and 7th grade girls in dynamic, engaging extra-curricular activities that keep them in school.

Ireen, a Kafwa in Kasompe, Zambia recently wrote:

In many schools pupils have dropped out of school because many have fallen pregnant but we thank God at our School we don’t have such issues.

Mama Sherri we are asking if we can be allowed to be teaching those girls who are in the GAP group because there is no any Kafwa but only teachers are there. So we want to start associating with those teachers who are in GAP. We had the workshop with the Ministry of Health (Government) where they taught us on how to stop girls stop involving themselves into relationships because many are contracting HIV/AIDS that is the reason why we want to be working together with teachers in GAP.  

We're thrilled with Ireen's proposal to expand the GAP program to include both teacher and Kafwa mentors!!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Please Fence me In

Kasompe Wall Fence

 We're excited to show off the new Wall Fence at the School in Kasompe, Zambia!  In the locals' minds, a school only gains full status when it has a Wall Fence to delineate the property and protect the children.  A fence costs as much as a classroom so classrooms are, of course, erected first.

Most school fences are made of concrete blocks that create a solid wall.  Our Kasompe school is especially proud of the see-through element provided by the metal poles.
Best of all, the kids love it!  A real school at last!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Happy Day in Congo!

Josephine being greeted with a happy Dance in Congo!!!
The Traditional Birth Attendants (and Moms!) turned out in full force to perform a Happy Dance to welcome Josephine, the Democratic Republic of Congo health worker supervisor!    This has been a day loooong in the making!

Several months ago HealthEd Connect donors were deeply moved by the fact that babies were being delivered to mothers laying on worn-out mattresses on the floor of little village birthing centers in the Kasenga area.  Donations poured in to get mattresses for moms!  Government snafus delayed the transfer of funds into the country but we finally had a major breakthrough.  This month, life-saving equipment was trucked to the villages to make life safer and a bit more comfortable for moms and new babies.
Delivery tables and steel pans for sterilizing equipment are at the top of the list of unbelievable new equipment!