Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Maggie, one of the Kafwa health workers in Zambia, has been a bit discouraged that she has not been able to volunteer in child monitoring clinics. But read about what she IS doing and see what you think!   This is her report....

Febly Chansa, a two-year-old in the community, was burned badly by hot water on her hand. Maggie stepped right in, treated her with a little triple antibiotic ointment and had her hand healed in a matter of days. Mary Chilufye, another neighbor, was burned on her hands and legs by a spilled pot of hot beans. Again, Maggie to the rescue! Burns are common in Africa, especially with the children, because most of the food is cooked over open wood fires with pots balanced on stacks of rocks or bricks. To make things worse, children worldwide seem to be fascinated by fires and are attracted to them like little moths to light. Not a good combination.
Maggie (her husband is pastor in a very needy area)
But it's not all problems with burns. A teenage girl in the neighborhood, Eva, had malaria and coughing. Maggie said she gave her "Good Morning" pills. [When I emailed Maggie and asked her what that was, she said "good morning tablet is just like good morning cough syrup it works well and not expensive." Must be cough drops.] Then there was 16-year old Aaron who had severe diarrhea. Maggie treated him with Oral Rehydration Solution (sugar, salt, and water) but also had to help him obtain a prescription. He too responded to her help right away. Maggie may feel she's not doing enough to be a 'real' Kafwa, but I'm sure her neighbors don't share that feeling. I know they are extremely grateful to have her available to help them.

P.S. Maggie has another new skill. She's learning to send emails. We are now the beneficiaries of her stories and reporting long distance.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Amazing Technology!

We'd love to narrate each of our pictures for you in person!  But since that's not possible Jac's discovered the next best thing.  We can now write descriptions and details with each photo.  Just go to our website http://www.healthedconnect.org/ and click on the lower left photo "Photos of Recent Visits" or at the top of the home page "Photo Gallery".   If you roll over each photo a description will appear.  The kids in Africa would call this "Wazungu Magic"!  Wazungu is a Swahili word meaning a white person or European who wanders around in circles aimlessly.  I think they've got our number!

Friday, September 23, 2011

We've Been Blogged!

We've Been Blogged!  Our good friends and supporters at Stone Creek Coffee featured us in a recent post to their Blog.  If you want to see how I Sip Slowly go to http://www.stonecreekcoffee.com/ and click on the Blog on their home page.  That's world traveler and coffee officianado, Steve, with me.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The grand total is...

Corporate Sponsor Duet Resource Group

We all celebrated after counting the money raised from selling the cookies and coffee as well as the paper bead necklaces and children's art work (on note cards) that we sold at the booth.  The grand total was $1047.27.  We've no idea where the $.27 came from but, hey, that will pay for 2 1/2 school lunches so we'll keep it!  Anyway, in the midst of congratulating ourselves for a successful HealthEd Connect fund raiser, we were thrilled to have our outcome doubled!!  Sharon Resch offered to match our earnings with a donation.  How cool is that??  Now for true confession....the whole weekend did not revolve around the HealthEd Connect booth.  The BIG attraction that brought people in was the Door County Century, a 100 mile bike ride through quaint little towns along the shores of Lake Michigan. The Mahliks and Reschs, who own the ride, set a new record for attendance this year with over 2600 riders. Joyce Mahlik, our cookie maker was one of the original founders of the ride many years ago.

Dan Mahlik clipping off the miles toward 100

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Stone Creek Roaster

Jac lounging on bags of coffee beans at Stone Creek

Steve setting up the tasting station

We were treated to a back-stage tour of Stone Creek Roaster thanks to the owner, Eric Resch's, hospitality and generosity in being a corporate sponsor for the HealthEd Connect booth.  We are so proud to be associated with Stone Creek!  For you environmentally friendly advocates, you need to visit the Stone Creek website http://www.stonecreekcoffee.com/.  They go green all the way to the little farmer who actually grows the coffee.  Some of us think sipping the coffee is the ultimate.  Little Felix Resch, however, thinks climbing over the mountains of his Daddy's coffee sacks is by far the biggest treat.

Felix Resch conquering the coffee mountain!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Grandma Joyce's Amazing Cookies!

Joyce Mahlik (L), Bella and Michelle Mahlik
Joyce Mahlik spent hours in the kitchen baking gourmet cookies for our Door County booth.  Over 300 of them matter of fact!  Each cookie was individually displayed in a cellophane bag with a foil wrapped candy on top of the cookie to designate the cookie flavor, i.e. chocolate, cherry, peanut butter.  Everyone loved the cookies!  They were the perfect accompaniment to the gourmet Stone Creek Coffee that was also sold at our booth.  In spite of the fun, good vibes, and super support received at the booth, however, the best part was knowing that every cookie and coffee sale went toward the purchase of a Zambulance for the Congo.  More on that later...

Friday, September 16, 2011

Last minute scurry!

Paul creating the last-minute poster.

Bella announcing "Ready for business!"
 The HealthEd Connect crew at the Door County (Wisconsin) expo shifted into high gear last Saturday as we set up our booth.  Even though multiple signs had been prepared, a key sign for our Stone Creek Coffee display had been overlooked.  Paul zipped to the rescue at a moment's notice and made a super terrific sign! In the meantime, Bella helped set up the booth, arrange the cookies, display the paper-beads, etc.  If the kids in Africa could have been there to share in the excitement it would have been perfect!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Mountains beyond mountains...

At long last!  The progress we've all been waiting for has finally begun!  The first load of sand and gravel for the foundation material has been delivered to the Young Peacemaker's School and construction is underway.   The foundation ditches were dug long ago by the community (that part was free).  Now the supplies are arriving and mountains of tangible evidence of things to come fill the school yard.

Yeaaaah for the kids!  A real school is taking shape.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mirriam's working crew

Isabella Mahlik, Paul Budnowski, and Jacob Christian working for Mirriam!
 Little Mirriam, our four-year old boss in Zambia, would be amazed at the great talent she's attracted.  We have a great Milwaukee crew busily working for Mirriam as they prepare for the big Door County Century event this weekend.  The HealthEd Connect booth will be selling notecards with the Zambian children's art work, the paper-bead necklaces made by the community health workers, special label Stone Creek Coffee and lots of homemade cookies.  The following day, September 11, a 2500+ family-friendly bike race will wind through the picturesque Door County country side.We're hoping to raise enough money to buy a Zambulance (a bicycle with a cart attached to take people to the hospital) for the DR Congo.  Some of the folks in Congo currently have to walk 30 or 40 kilometers to obtain health care.  A Zambulance would be hugely helpful!

Monday, September 5, 2011

We're Published!

Good News!  HealthEd Connect is in print!!!  I received a box in the mail Saturday with a copy of the book: The Humanitarian Leader in Each of Us: 7 Choices That Shape a Socially Responsible Life by Frank M. J. LaFasto and Carl E. Larson (Paperback - Aug 23, 2011 available on Amazon.com)

The authors interviewed a number of people they considered to be humanitarian leaders.  They concluded that the leaders they interviewed had 7 things in common:
1.  They leverage their life experiences
2.  They have a sense of fairness
3.  They believe they can matter
4.  They are open to an opportunity to help
5.  They start by taking a small step
6.  They persevere
7.  They lead the way

What an honor to be included in this book!  They interviewed me just as we were launching HealthEd Connect.  We have even more to share now.