Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Top-notch School!

According to the Zambian Open Schools Organization (ZOCS), over one million school-age children in Zambia are not enrolled in school.

 Even though the government provides many primary schools, the numbers are insufficient to support the 1.4 million orphans.  Community schools, like HealthEd Connect's, support approximately 30 percent of the total number of children in Zambia .  But every school is not created equal!!

Our school in Chipulukusu was recently appointed as one of the few model schools in the Copperbelt by the government.  At a recent government meeting attended by two of our teachers, the school was lauded for:
  • Providing scholarships for teachers
  • Serving hot lunches to the children
  • Supporting a scholarship program for grade seven graduates
And, I might add, 100% pass rate on the recent 7th grade standardized exam.  Congratulations to the Young Peace Maker School at Chipulukusu for yet another honor!!

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