Tuesday, March 29, 2016




​A little patient in the Kanti Children's Hospital
​This pretty little HealthEd Connect-Nepal volunteer, Usha, doesn't spend her leisure time frivolously! We joined her at the Kanti Children's Hospital in Kathmandu where she visits young cancer patients monthly. In her soft, sweet Nepali-English, she told us, "I just want to see them smile because they have so many painings!"  Throughout this rustic hospital, we saw signs of the loving Nepali spirit. Many moms and dads live in remote villages so must live in the hospital with their children. The hospital does not provide food for patients, so mothers and grandmothers cook rice and dal on the hospital floor.  Laundry is washed in the toilet room and hangs from the open-air hallways to dry and parents lie in hospital cots with their arms wrapped around their sick children. This may not be the sterile environment of an American hospital, but we could see that the children are tenderly cared for by loving staff, parents, and volunteers like our Usha.

Michelle Mahlik
Philosophy Department, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
BOD, HealthEd Connect (www.healthedconnect.org)

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