Thursday, March 17, 2016

A Himalayan Trek

This gentle, smiling man is Ramprasad Gurung, one of our most faithful Nepali healthcare volunteers.  A sick wife, a newborn, and a nine-hour bus ride followed by a five-hour trek into Kathmandu didn't stop Ramprasad from attending our healthcare worker training this week!  Ramprasad lives in a remote mountain village that suffered massive destruction in the 2015 earthquake. A year has past since his family and fellow villagers received a tarpaulin for shelter, food, and medical supplies from our HealthEd Connect-Nepal team, but they are still living in these makeshift homes. Imagine the chill inside the thin tent walls that provide little protection from the Himalayan winds that sweep down the mountainside!!  As you read this blog, Ramprasad will be trekking back to his village with a new skill set that he will use to help his village. Our hearts go with you, Ramprasad!

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