Thursday, January 21, 2016

Happy Graduate!

Annie is one excited girl!  She is at the local shop in Chingola picking out her uniform and other supplies for school.  She graduated in December from the Kasompe Community School of Peace 7th grade and was selected to receive a HealthEd Connect scholarship to enroll in the government 8th grade school.  Most orphans like Annie drop out of school after 7th grade (if they're even fortunate enough to make it that far) because they cannot pay the required annual $250 for fees, books, uniforms, etc.

Annie was selected by a local scholarship committee that carefully evaluated and prioritized the needs of all graduates.  Guidelines included such things as living conditions in home (dirt or cement floor), age of caregiver, health of caregiver, number of children living in home, etc.  HealthEd Connect was able to sponsor 19 children this year thanks to the generosity of our donors!!

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