Monday, August 25, 2014

English expert!

Josephine (middle)

I received the email (below) from our Kafwa supervisor, Josephine, in DR Congo in response to my request for her to introduce herself to our supporters.  HealthEd Connect is sponsoring her in an ESL class and she's had 1 month of classes.  Don't you wish you were this fluent in French (her mother tongue) after one month of classes??

Good morning Sherry

       I'am verry glad to recceived   the message sent on fiftinth. about my self, my name is josephine kipampe ,I was born on january,eleven,1960  we are eigth  childrens , five boys and three  daughter  I'am a sixth daughter in the family,
     Présently, I'am meriad to master Lenge, who is my husband, I'm a mother with six childrens,three      boys and three daughter,we had growed in our family at lubumbashi.But ,three pass a way.
I did'nt finishe my secondary school  because my family has'nt a possibility to support us but I'm strong because of the training on the AIDS with you at chingola and mansa,also in lubumbashi.
    I received several trainings on health who I'm kafwa (six month at sendwe Hospital,ASF,and different training with you and other organisation) I'm a jobless and still continue working with the kafwa.
thank you God bless you.


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